Brief History:

The history of the Guards Regiment Fusiliers Princess Irene begins on 11th January 1941, when the Royal Dutch Brigade (Princes Irene Brigade) was founded in Congleton, County Cheshire in North West England (UK).

A young but lively and engaging history:

The Brigade was named after "peace" (Irene in Greek means 'peace'). During 1946 - 1949 some battalions of the Regiment Princess Irene were sent on active duty to participate the so called 'police-actions' in the former Dutch East Indies colonies, or to-day's Indonesia.

Fusiliers of the current “Ready Battalion” have on several occasions contributed to peacekeeping operations in Bosnia, Kosovo and Cyprus.

The Band of the Princess Irene Brigade:

As early as 1940 a band was formed.  Under the leadership of Band Master Lieutenant de Groot a professional music corps emerged that gained in no time an official status. The "Princess Irene Brigade Royal Netherlands Military Band" toured throughout the UK during ’42 and ’43.

From 1944 onwards, the musicians were conscripted into the military as medics. On 14th August 1944 Sergeant Peter Lammers of the Medical Service, was the first brigade member to fall.  In England he was the assistant band leader of the Princess Irene Brigade Band and also composer of the brigade song (1943), the current Princes Irene Mars. 

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